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  • Tune In

    Listen to Lash Binder's founder, Cassandra McClure as she walks us through her story, the reasoning behind Lash Binder and the evolution of the tool on the Clean Beauty Podcast.  Available on iTunes.

  • Music To Our Ears

    Join the Lash Binder Artist team over Memorial Day weekend at BottleRock Music Festival in Napa for our Lash Bar in the spa! Headliners include Imagine Dragons, Pharrell and Santana.  Tickets on sale now!

  • Santana Row Fashion Show

    Join Lash Binder at the Santana Row Fashion Show on June 8, 2019 in San Jose for a Lash Bar pop-up that you won't want to miss! Tickets available now!


Finally a quick, easy and safe Lash Binder that only sounds too good to be true. 

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Are Lash Binder Lashes cruelty free?

Always.  We do not sell or use mink lashes or test on any of our products on animals.

Are Lash Binder products non-toxic?

Yes, Always.

How long does Lash Binder last?

With proper care, your Lash Binder should last a lifetime. 

How do I care for Lash Binder?

It's easy! We designed the box to keep your Binder safe from other makeup products in your bag or vanity. If you get glue or makeup on the tool, use a warm washcloth or makeup remover.

Does Lash Binder work on any eye shape?

Yes, the lash can be adjusted inside Lash Binder to fit you or your clients' eye perfectly, every time. 

What lashes should I buy with Lash Binder?

We sell some awesome lashes that are easy to work with. We are also working hard to develop more styles for you to try.

What eyelash glue does Lash Binder recommend?

Here at Lash Binder we are working hard to develop a clean eyelash glue, but for now we find that iGloo is the only hypoallergenic glue available. We now sell this eyelash glue on our website.

Do I need scissors?

Yes, We recommend you have small scissors on hand to cut your lashes down from the outer corners. Never cut your lash inside the binder as this can damage the soft silicon tip. We now sell scissors on our website.

Is shipping free?

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

When will I receive my order?

Your order ships from our U.S. warehouse within 24 hours of being received and takes 3-7 days to arrive, depending on location. Our average delivery time is 4 days. Express shipping is available at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship within the United States. Please e-mail us for orders outside the U.S. We are working hard to grow our international availability. Requirements for international shipping vary by country. It is our goal to spread Love & Lashes worldwide!

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

What if my order arrives damaged?

No problem. Simply send your order back within 7 days for a replacement. 

How do I book a Lash Bar for my next event?

Email us at with the subject LASH BAR and someone will be in touch.

Can I buy Lash Binder in bulk for resale?

We are currently partnering with select boutiques stores. Please email with subject PARTNER.

Who do I contact with a press or PR request?

Contact Cassandra directly at with the subject PRESS. 

How do I sign up to become a Lash Binder Artist?

If you are a professional working makeup artist, get in touch at, subject ARTIST along with your professional portfolio and website or social media handles for our team to review and determine if you are a good fit for our affiliate program!