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8 facts you probably didn't know about your eyelashes!

Hello beautiful, 

We can all agree that having long, thick eyelashes is a beauty must in order to achieve a classic and dramatic look. Mascara or lashes, two of the 10 must-have items in a woman’s makeup bag, are an easy way for eyes to go from boring to sexy in seconds! But do you know that little bugs live in your lashes or that lashes grow in different phases? Read on for some fun and interesting facts all about lashes. Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments!


1. Eyelashes protect your eyes

Like our eyebrows, the tiny hairs on our eyelids keep dirt, sweat, water, and other unwanted stuff out of our eyeball. Nourish your lashes with nightly serums and replace mascara with false lashes. Your eyelashes also tell your eyelids when they need to shut to protect the eye. And lastly, eyelashes help to shield your eyes from the bright light of the sun but please, buy a pair of sunglasses..


2. Eyelashes fall out daily

One to five lashes will fall out each day. An eyelash's growth cycle is much shorter than the hair on your head — only 3 months, which is one reason why they don't grow very long. But, heavy mascara can weigh down delicate lashes and cause them to fall out, and don't forget, the pressure of an eyelash curler can pull them out so be sure to curl lashes before mascara and clean your curler regularly.


3. Lashes grow in three periods

There's the anagen phase (active growth period), the catagen phase (transitional period), and the telogen phase (resting period) but can last more than 100 days before a lash falls out. And at any given time, 90% of your lashes are in the active growth stage where they grow about .16 millimeters a day. So, if you get lash extensions and your natural lashes get ripped out, if the grow back - it will take at least five months.




4. There's a big difference between your upper and lower lashes

The hairs on your top lid are twice as full as your lower lash line, with about 200 to 300 lashes. You can apply false eyelashes on the bottom of your eye for an extra-fabulous look.

5. They vary in length, too

Your middle lashes are generally much longer than the sides.

6. The longest eyelash on record was 2.75 inches long

Or 6.99 centimetres. In comparison, the average lash length is about 10 millimeters.


7. Tiny mites live in your eyelashes

But don't worry — you need them. Called Demodex, "eye-mites" remove dirt and debris, and help clean your lash follicles. A clogged lash follicle can lead to infection, so give thanks to those tiny bugs!


8. We've been styling our lashes since 4000 BC

Early eyelash tools have been found in Ancient Egypt, but the modern mascara as we know it was created in 1913 in France by Rimmel. But, mascara didn't become popular in America until Maybelline debuted their first formula, which was a mixture of coal and vaseline. The product formulation hasn't changed much since then and both department and drugstore brands still produce mascara containing lots of chemicals that are known to be harmful to human health and reproduction.

What is your favorite lash fact? What do you want to hear on our blog next? Drop me a comment and as always, stay beautiful!

Cassandra McClure


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