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How to apply false lashes like a pro, the easy way.

 Hello beautiful,

Today I wanted to share the easiest and quickest way to apply lashes in just a few simple steps. Be sure to let us know how your application went in the comments. Happy Lashing!

Measure the lash to your eye and then cut them. Cut the lash from the outside in. 
If you have extra pieces of lash, save it in the box for later for layering! Skip the tricky tweezers and grab a Lash Binder™ to hold your lash. When cutting your lashes, NEVER cut the inside corner of the lashes and be careful that you don't cut yourself. ALWAYS cut from the outside end. Put the lash back inside the Lash Binder™ and measure again, making sure the curve of the band matches your eye shape. Apply a thin layer of glue across the entire lash line while inside the Binder – put only a little extra in the corners. If it's not a thin line, the glue will smush and be visible on your eyelid or get stuck to the hair of your lashes. 

Turn it upside down to rest on its back while you curl your lashes (withOUT mascara)
TIP: Don't ever put lashes on right after you’ve applied glue! Wait for the glue to get tacky. You should see and feel the glue become sticky. 30 - 45 seconds should do depending on your environment.  
For this last step, all you need to do is align the lash band right on top of your natural lash line, as you don’t want a strip of skin showing between your real lashes and your fake lashes. Just be careful you don't glue the false lashes onto your real ones. Right above your real lash line is the key!
To blend the two lashes, press them together and push them gently upward with your fingers to make the falsies look as real as possible.
Here is a video that I made to teach you exactly how to apply your lashes:

Stay beautiful,
Cassandra McClure


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