With each Lash Binder™ sold, we will give 1 to a cancer patient who lost her lashes to chemotheraphy

Lash Bar at Cosmecon 2019

Hey beautiful,

We had such an incredible time at the first ever Cosmecon in San Jose this past weekend!

It was so inspiring to work along with other woman entrepreneurs and be a part of the inaugural event.

The fact that the event was held inside of a shopping center made it even better because we were able to interact with a variety of women and teach them how to apply lashes with Lash Binder™!


The number one response that we received while applying lashes was, “Oh My Gosh, this is so easy! I am so excited to wear lashes now!”

The joy that came from these women was infectious. We had so much fun throughout the day and loved hearing stories from the women who came to our booth.

Seeing how easy it is to apply lashes on herself using the Lash Binder™


This was her first time ever wearing false lashes!!


Some of our new Lash Binder™ owners!


We can’t wait to attend more events like Cosmecon to spread the word about Lash Binder™ and will definitely be back next year!

Don’t worry! We didn’t sell out at the event.

You can still purchase your lash binder™ along with Cassandra’s favorite lashes, glue, and scissors here: https://lashbinder.com/products/

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As always, stay beautiful!

Anne-Marie Totah

LASHBINDER™ Social Media and Event Manager





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