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Lash Binder™ at Renegade Craft Fair 2019!

Hello, beauties!

This past weekend, we attended the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco!

We partnered with one of our favorite clean beauty creators, Tiila of Aether Beauty to offer eyeshadow and lash applications

Here are some of our favorite pictures showing how we applied the Aether Beauty eyeshadows on the women who visited us over the weekend

Demonstrating how easy it is to use Lash Binder™

We always love to see the response we get from women who have found it hard to apply lashes in the past!

The ladies at Renegade were the first to see our brand new lash bags, and we have just added them to the store!

We also added a starter kit to make it as simple as possible to apply your falsies.

You can now purchase these adorable lash bags and the starter kit here!

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As always, stay beautiful!

Anne-Marie Totah

LASHBINDER™ Social Media and Event Manager




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