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Step by step guide to using Lash Binder™ for the first time

Hey beautiful,

First impressions are everything. We want to make sure that if you currently own a Lash Binder™ or are thinking about purchasing one that you have all the tips and tricks to keep in mind during the first few uses.

You might have noticed the small packaging and absence of paper inserts or instructions, and that’s because we do our best to be as sustainable as possible. 



Before applying your lashes, be sure to have the following items:

  • Lash Binder™
  • Favorite pair of lashes
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Eyelash glue 
  • Mirror to look down into (hand held is fine) and ample lighting
  • Eyelash Curler and mascara are optional

Remember, you can apply lashes with or without makeup.


To begin, make sure your hands are clean and dry.

Find a pair of lashes that are of desired length, thickness, and color. I prefer my black lashes with a clear band for a very natural appearance.

 Lashes with a thicker band are for advanced wearers since they are harder to manipulate, and require eyeliner or shadow to blend into your natural lash line. Trust me, it’s best to start with a pair of human hair lashes. You can purchase a pair at 

 lash extensions

Let’s begin with our left eye. Position the box in front of your eyes so you know which side is which, and so you don't apply one to the wrong eye.

  • Avoid pulling the side of the lash with your fingers from their box, as it can damage the lashes easily
  • try to avoid touching the sticky band to avoid the transfer of oils from your fingers
  • Use your thumb to gently press and pull the band away from the lip of the lash box, moving your thumb along the band
  • Once the lash is detached, use the binder to grab the lash
  • Open the binder with the logo facing up, and starting from the inner corner of the lash, leave enough space between the white silicon band and edge of the band for glue to be applied without getting stuck to lash binder
  • Most lashes are designed extra long and meant to be cut to avoid going past the end of your natural lash line (so some of the end will stick out)
  • Measure the lash, by aligning it on top of your upper lash line from your inner corner where your natural lashes start to grow
  • Look down slightly into the mirror to help, tilting your head back and eyes down so you can see your eyelid clearly in the mirror
  • Position Lash Binder™ onto skin above natural lash line so the band adhere to skin only, practice applying the lashes with the sticky material left over from the box 
  • You’ll want the sticky part to stick to your skin, not to the hair of your natural lashes, since that can cause damage
  • If you aren’t sure whether you should cut your lash or not, remember the UP rule: If there are any lashes casting or pointing down, ends you’ll definitely want to cut them
  • Now, remove your lash from the Lash Binder™ to cut the excess band, if needed.
  • Be sure to cut from the outside in (do not cut lashes while inside the binder as you can cut Lash Binder™'s soft tip)
  • Count the "knots" of the lash if you can, so you know how many to remove from each lash, so they stay even
  • Once your lash is the perfect length, place it back in the binder and measure on top of your natural lash line again
  • Adjust it until the band of your lash is flush with the natural curvature of your eye
  • Use your fingers to open Lash Binder™ slightly to adjust ends
  • Hold your lash glue tube upright and gently squeeze glue until a bead appears at the top
  • Hold binder upside down so band is facing downwards to apply
  • Move Lash Binder™ to direct the band to the bead of glue and disperse it evenly making sure to coat both ends with enough glue so it doesn’t lift 
  • Now it’s time to wait at LEAST 30-45 seconds, sometimes a whole minute for glue to become tacky before applying (show little clock in corner of screen)
  • I designed Lash Binder™ to be put down sanitarily on any table while you curl your lashes, and finish the rest of your makeup look
  • After the glue becomes clearer (if white) or black (if grey) the lash is ready to be applied
  • Align the tool above the lash line like you did to measure, while looking down in the mirror, gently release (like you did to practice) and slowly pull the tool away from your eye
  • Holding the binder in the same place, open to release
  • It's that easy!


    - applying lash straight on in the mirror won’t work, as your hand will be in the way

    - Keep your elbow out, so you can see

    - If you blink, pull away until your ready :)

    - Don’t hold your breath, breath deep and try again

    - Once you feel the band touch your skin, push Lash Binder side to side gently with the lash inside to make sure it’s on securely from end to end

    - I don’t recommend applying mascara during this process, as it takes a few minutes for mascara to dry

    lash tips and tricks

    Still having trouble?

    - If for some reason the lash gets stuck to the binder, then you might have applied too much glue, or the band needs to be placed farther away from the silicon tip

    - If the lash “pops” up on one side of your eye, or falls off completely, you didn’t wait long enough for the glue to dry or you didn’t apply enough. It is also possible that you need a different glue (or it went bad)

    - If the lash still needs adjusting after being applied, you didn’t align the lash snug to fit your eye shape

    - Now let’s repeat these steps on the other eye

    Watch this video if you are still having trouble!


    You can also use the binder to apply individual or half lashes too. How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!



    As always .. Stay beautiful, 

    xo Cassandra McClure



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