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Lash Binder™ May Event Announcements!

Hey, beauties!

Today I want to introduce a new type of blog that I will be doing every month moving forward.

I had the pleasure of working at Cosmecon, one of the first events that Lash Binder™ attended, and it was amazing to meet so many wonderful people who loved our product and wanted to learn more.

We have been working hard to promote Lash Binder™ online, but we love going to events and meeting you in person, so that is what I will focus on for the first blog of each month.

Moving forward, I will let you know which events Lash Binder™ will be at so that you have a chance to come and meet us in person! We are so excited about what we have coming up and cannot wait for the opportunity to share our love for lashes with you.

Here are the events that Lash Binder will be at during the month of May:


May 12, 2019: Mother's Day: Makeovers & Mimosas

Tickets and More Info Available Here 

Join the Lash Binder™ team this Mother’s Day to pamper your mom with matching clean beauty makeovers that include lash applications by, all while sipping on delicious beverages.


May 24-26, 2019: BottleRock Napa Valley

Tickets and More Info Available Here

Join us at the BottleRock Napa Valley Spa! We are so excited to be in the spa with so many other amazing brands this year! We will be offering lash applications using Lash Binder and will also be selling the other accessories available on our website.

We hope to see you at our events in May, but don’t worry if you can’t join- we have a lot planned for the summer! You can always contact and keep up with us over on our Instagram as well!

As Always, Stay Beautiful

Anne-Marie Totah
LASHBINDER™ Social Media and Event Manager
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