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Lash Binder™ visits Seattle, Washington!

Hello, beauties and happy Wednesday! 

This past weekend our creator, Cassandra went back to her hometown in Seattle, Washington. She held a clean beauty meetup, Lash Binder™ brunch, and did a few interviews and photo shoots.

She also drew the winner for her Clean Beauty giveaway, who happened to be one of the women who attended the Lash Binder™ brunch- Ruby Marshall! 

Here are some photos from the trip:


Cassandra interviewing with Janet from Fox Island Magazine

Some of the goodies that Cassandra gave Janet. Click on the photo to see Fox Island Magazine's post about their future collaboration!


Ruby Marshall, the winner of Cassandra's clean beauty giveaway! Her goodie bag included a Lash Binder™ and we are so excited for her to use it!

We love traveling and cannot wait to get Lash Binder™ into the hands of people around the country! 

Leave us a comment letting us know where to go next!

As Always, Stay Beautiful

Anne-Marie Totah
LASHBINDER™ Social Media and Event Manager
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