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Top Lash Trends for 2019

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 If you haven't noticed, lashes are the hottest thing in beauty right now, so much so that they are in a category of their own lately. Lash services like lifting, tinting and extensions that were trending last year are now being replaced with quick, easy and painless methods of application that don't require much time. BeautyCounter the most Googled beauty brand of 2018, which is a clean beauty line of skincare and cosmetics, which goes to show that the old Kim-K days of contouring and stage makeup are a thing of the past. Read on for the top lash trends for 2019!


lash trends 2019

  • Clean Beauty + Skin 

Natural eyelash styles with thin, flexible bands let you get away with way less makeup, which is totally trending RN. Forget mascara, eyeliner and tons of shadow. A pair of human hair lashes are all you need to look glamorous! The top trending, cult style that looks good on everyone are hands down wispies.


lash trends this year

  • At home Lashes 

Say goodbye to damaging lash extensions. Between the hefty twice-monthly price tag and the hour long appointment for a fill, Lash Binder is a dream come true. The new, innovative beauty tool allows you to apply luxurious, salon-quality lashes at home in just a few seconds without any prior skills or training.  Choose from their different types of natural lashes to get with your new lash tool — Lash Binder also offers a "custom lash consultation" from a professional makeup artist that provides a lash recommendation for a pair that will best enhance your eye shape. Just send an email to with a photo of your eye for a free pair of lashes with any Lash Binder order!


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  • Big Brows + Long Lashes


When looking for inspiration I can't help but look to fashion for inspiration this year. I was not disappointed to find bold, bushy brows out in full force at the Spring/Summer Fendi, Jeremy Scott and Dion Lee shows. Sexy, flirty lashes with lots of "mascara" were hot on the runway at Chanel, Tom Ford and Prada. Save your lashes and give your falsies a coat before applying to give them a 'real' looking effect that even your bff will have herself questioning! 



What do you think the biggest lash trend for 2020 will be? Comment below!


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Cassandra McClure 



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