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Welcome To Our Blog!

Hello, beauties!  

My name is Anne-Marie and I am the new Social Media and Event Manager at Lash Binder™! I am so excited to join Cassandra and will be taking over the blog portion of the site moving forward.

I love makeup so much, but lashes were the one thing that I could never figure out. When I saw the promo video for Lash Binder™ on Instagram, I knew that it would be a game changer!

I recently started making Youtube videos and cannot wait to incorporate lashes into all of my upcoming looks! My channel is all about creating easy makeup looks that anyone can perfect, and now I can finally introduce lashes into my routine because I know how to apply them!

I actually met Cassandra because of that Instagram video. I followed her account, learned about all of the amazing things she has going on, and eventually messaged her to see if I could help out in any way. She was super friendly and let me know that she could use some help at an event the following weekend. I spent the day learning about Lash Binder at Cosmecon and cannot wait to continue working with Cassandra! 

We have so many ideas for this blog and I know that you will love what it becomes!

Stay tuned for new blog posts each week and please send in your comments! 

As Always, Stay Beautiful


Anne-Marie Totah

LASHBINDER™ Social Media and Event Manager


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