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Your biggest lash questions answered!

Hey beautiful,

Today I wanted to answer the questions that so many of my clients that ask me about lashes. When can you wear lashes?... How long can you wear them safely? Is it healthy to wear extensions? Read on for my professional opinion and expert tips all about falsies! 

 lash binder founder cassandra mcclure

  • Will temporary false lashes ruin my natural ones?

No. The biggest myth is that lash glue will ruin your own lashes. It does not. If lashes are applied correctly and properly they will not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Although rubbing, tugging, or pulling on lashes connected to your own can cause permanent lash loss and damage.


  • Can I wear false lashes everyday?

Yes! It's perfectly safe to wear false lashes every day. In fact, it is better to let your natural lashes breath by going without mascara and extensions, as these often damage your natural lashes over time.

Depending on how much glue you use, the lashes should last throughout an entire day. With waterproof glue you can play water sports or go hot tubbing but we do not recommend submerging your lashes underwater.
Semi permanent lashes are time-consuming (1-4 hours of maintenance per month)  and cost anywhere between $100 and $300 per appointment. A full set might take two hours to apply and a refill application ranges from an hour to 90 minutes. Semi permanent lashes can also be very damaging for your lashes long term. 


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