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Short Clean Beauty Nail Kits by Cassandra McClure

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Clean Beauty Nail Kits are the fastest, safest, easiest and most cost-effective solution to beautiful hands.

Want salon Perfect Nails in minutes without the damage to your nail bed? Celebrity Clean Beauty Makeup Artist Cassandra McClure had one too many headaches and started trying press-on-nails during the pandemic when she started planning to have a baby.
After trying every brand on the market unsatisfied with the quality, longevity, or strength of the nails she became pregnant and knew she couldn't keep going back to the salon. In 2022 Cassandra launched a pro-grade nail collection with limited edition styles released each month. An alternative to acrylic and french nails and manicures in the salon.  Like a regular set of nails, the solution provides a semi-permanent set of fuss-free nails that are safe and soft around sensitive skin, pets and even babies!
The nails come in a wide range of sizes so you can fit them perfectly on every finger without gaps or overhand. These high quality beauties can be worn for weeks.
Hop in the pool, ocean or sweaty workout confidence that your nails won't go anywhere! The best part is that every set comes complete in a kit with glue, nail file, carry case and extra nails in case of an emergency! 

Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Cassandra hand selected these beautiful and sustainable styles without plastics, fumes, and zero headaches!

What is included with my order?

Each Clean Beauty Nail Set contains 24 DIY (press on) Nails, Protective Box, optional adhesive tabs, nail file, Cuticle Stick and a professional glue stick. 

What type of nail adhesive is recommended?

The adhesive and application style varies depending on how long you would like to wear your nails. 

The adhesive tabs are for one hour to one-day wear, ideal for photo or video shoots. We don’t recommend if dressing, driving, getting hands wet etc. 

The Professional nail glue included with your nails lasts between 1 and 3 weeks without re-application. 

If you would like to wear your nails for 3 days, apply a dot of glue to your nail bed and apply your nails.

For 7 day wear, use a dot of nail glue on the bed of your natural nail as well as a dot of glue on the acrylic nail.

For 12 day wear, use a larger amount of glue to cover the entire nail bed as well as a larger for on the acrylic nail.

Are nails reusable?

With careful care, your nails and glue can be reused again.


How long do nails last?

Depending  on what kind of adhesive method used. Typically 1 day to 2 weeks. Wear time is various depends on amount of your contacts to water.

How do I remove nails?

The best way to remove glued nails is to soak in warm water for 10-15 mins, then use the a wooden pointy stick to wiggle and lift the edges to remove.

What is the Warranty?

Before the product is sent, the packaging and each nail undergoes a rigorous screening therefore, no refunds are issued for purchase. 


Thank you so much for your support of my small, women owned business!