With each Lash Binder™ sold, we will give 1 to a cancer patient who lost her lashes to chemotheraphy



Have you ever tried applying false lashes on yourself?

Did you watch 20 Youtube videos to find an easier way?

  Did you reach for tweezers and jab yourself in the eye?

Have you glued your eye closed? Get glue on your fingers?

Drop and lose a lash and find it an hour later stuck to your jeans?

Have you used your fingers and made yourself cry?

Are you guilty of waving the lash around in the air in a fly-swatting motion to make the glue dry quicker?  

Did you look into getting lash extensions and find out how pricey and time consuming they are? Not to mention dangerous?!

False Lash Application problems are REAL! 

That's why celebrity makeup artist and host of the Clean Beauty Podcast, Cassandra McClure created a tool and method to change the lash game FOREVER. 
Lash Binder™ is a patent pending tool that she developed to make lash application easier, faster and even safer than ever before. 

The device is the first of it's kind to dry glue on it's back, totally hands free.

The Lash Binder Method is the fastest system in the world to apply lashes and is beloved by moms, dancers, cheerleaders, beauty schools, makeup artists and lash lovers everywhere! Lash Binder is #1 because anyone can achieve perfect lashes in seconds, every time.  

Now available on Amazon, subscription boxes and select boutiques nationwide.


More about Cassandra:

With experience that spans a 15-year journey as one of the most sought-after clean beauty artists in the world, she is passionate about mentoring and partnering with other women owned and founded business and works young girls in the NovaWorks program. She continues to develop safe, non-toxic, cruelty free and clean lash products for lash babes worldwide. 

LASHBINDER.COM is the official sponsor for Cassandra's #1 hit podcast, Clean Beauty available for free on iTunes and all other major podcast platforms. 

Learn more about Cassandra on her website at CassandraMcClure.com