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Lash Binder™ was developed by celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure after her friends and clients complained for years about not being able to apply lashes themselves.

Many received lash extensions that damaged their natural lashes.

She discovered that lash application was a problem that people struggled with for over 100 years. 

So she single-handedly changed the beauty game with Lash Binder™. A safe, quick and easy lash applicator tool.

The patent-pending Lash Binder™ is now beloved by pro artists and lash lovers as the go-to tool for achieving perfect lashes, every time.  

Cassandra's beauty experience spans a 15-year journey as one of the most sought-after clean beauty artists in the world.

She empowers professional makeup artists through Lash Binder™'s Artist program paying $5 for each tool sold. 

Cassandra continues to develop safe, clean, lash products for lash lovers worldwide. 

LASHBINDER.COM is the official sponsor for Cassandra's #1 hit podcast, Clean Beauty available for free on iTunes and all other major podcast platforms. 

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